The Devilish Whirl




released October 10, 1999



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Track Name: Confidence

the last mission takes a course at full speed
there is carefully selected wine
i’m satisfied
i’m giving vent
i’m a blood
on the top of pitchfork

now, now - let’s start boiling the pitch
now, now - let’s set fire to all hells

gloomy blows are violating the shyness
running chariots are flogging the innocence
scoffing groans are my anointment

- i carry you away, my love, to the temple of evil -
smoke and coolness
coolness and smoke

prodigal heads are fawning on
aversion is laying my mouth into the river of salivas

while coloured rainbows are flowing
while clouds are gliding brightly
black amused goats
cold streams of hue
the bright lord
without illusions, without beginning, without end

the last glance
i evaporate within
sarcasm whispers me the fables
i fall asleep in vacuum like a nerve
i go out in dusk like a day

i scoop hatred - agreement
surrounded by the hail of graces
i must, i desire, i know

i vomit on the cross with roses in snout
violating on christ
i absorb, i sigh, i feel cold, i burn
i renounce the world
i burn!!!

i’m laying under a spark inside the volcano
i’m becoming the heart of the earth
at burst i come back
i go out in a smoke, i’m searching
the ignition of unboundness
a trial, a spurt, an immensity

it’s become unpardonable
when obedient larvas flowed down the breath of a hill
when ash covered this dream of eden

in the last beginning
i reward the fear
outline the yartebra
the five-winged sound
Track Name: The Pile of Burning Roses

garments cold from blackness have covered me
the whine of ravens ripped open a naked wind
it was year as a blow cold
i stayed seeing you and i see you
you cold lord, thy eyes are hateful and evil
tears which i remember have never affected thy merciless depth

call me the one who i was, when i am
i’m moving windows of dusk
pouring out an insanity and a necessary bitterness

i set the pile of roses on fire!!!
all fruits of cheerful requests
bows? why not, just prostrate yourself
sweet ways in the flattering denunciation
someone is flumbing onesidedly shutting unanimously
so common ones…

subterranean hand is tearing me up
i’m enacting the law of nightly trials
even this reflex doesn’t separate us
say, do you remember the subterranean order, the kingdom of the dark ones - deportations into the time?
open nostrils are kissing by a wind
slept blast will touch you

lord, somewhere here was the world

black hands corroded by a dusk
forest of hands is absorbing a leprosy
send me where i am
degenerate eyes, invidious whispers
open my grave!!!

old fruits of sowed requests
bows? why not, just create
black ways in the flattering denunciation
someone is fumbling onesidedly shutting unanimously
give common ones…

they are crumbling a bread, nowadays meat is fear
wind is sending rose shreds
sonorous choir is denying from a pulpit
all alone for moudly mouths
evil goes on and the prince of darkness
a belief in heaven will protect you
signs of hell prevail
let’s pray!!!

lord, here is this world!

a lie of devout souls
you beg loudly!
has hunger won?
you are asking for more
now close a lid
i’m an abyss over the sense of faiths!!!
Track Name: The Black Domination

stay inside me!
born in the fire of glories
hit with the light desire
touch the age core

now take!
carbonised mouth of thy lonely void
poisoned nest of the return from stars
dirt driven in
my great salvation is going
fire! fire!
magic of accumulated colours
my hands spilt by a flame

smouldering me
i melt the plastic masks
rotten tomorrow, i’m emerging
dwarfs of glories are below
mutated strategies of power
life of dried truths
tragedy, death, humility

stay inside me!
caught from the dreamy phantoms
found on the hills
diabolical shroud of life and faiths

god is dead!
man thawed in divine shit
mothers crucify the successors
deviated priests molest your children
glassy sinful legs
you are the blood flowing into sewers
the next reincarnated mistake
jesus rapes your life

profanator is coming
blood drinking from anus
jahve divides the progeny of lies
a flash of half dead eyes
a kiss of the frosty pride
revenge, eternity, victory

stay inside me!
now i know you
regenerate like a day
fall asleep above the night…

steel voices on rails of running threats
devilish pogrom, witch bell
i’ve risen narcotised
welcome my saviour!
demon is my reflection
i’m a thought-over life
it’s the black domination
the law
touch yourself