The Independence of Observation Choice




released September 9, 2007



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Track Name: The Slanderer

My mind screams with a monster voice,
With a dark phantom hidden under the mask.
My eyes scream burnt in flames
Its shadow rips me apart

It drills holes in my pure heart,
Bites with a sin, plies with madness.
I felt......
A purple lust at the bottom of my mind
Hands in the chains of time
And fire.....
Twined at his feet
Like snakes around me

Welcome my sin, the thorn of my heart
The forge of my slip-ups, the tyrant of your own pride

I pray no gods any longer
I conceal the secrets of cold prophecies

Solo: Bilmorgh

I’m wrapping myself with his sweet flattery
The heat of power has flashed in dumb hands
And dance.......
In the eyes of damned flames
On the rings of eternal might
And scream.......
Trampling upon a bitter intention of lies
Is a contempt to the glazed heroes

Welcome crafty Demon, the slanderer of all truths
I’m stroking your blasphemous dance like a sand
Track Name: The Independence of Observation Choice

You - looking at us with contempt
You – endowed with sneer at the masses of oaves
You – corrupt by the silent sin of forgiveness
You - considering all a fuel to your gold carriages

In the glass coffin I tear the last scrap of flesh out of my body
Restraining from vampirism I count on myself only
With my tired eyes I pierce the glass like with a sharp diamond

With the last drop of my blood I tear apart the chains that bind me
Cut off from hypocrisy I walk through the discovered layer of my inner self
I'm rising!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
I’m rising, above your dull belief
Above the time of apocalyptic visions
Above the infinity that surrounds you
Above an exam in humanity
Above the infinity that doesn’t concern you
We are rising above the illusion of your rulers

You – having your fingers on the pulse of false conflicts on survival
You - having no more reasons to exist than we have
Dead to your blind eyes, we are rising…
Track Name: My True home

Through the wasteland, wickedness and solitude I flee
Through the rotten prophecies I flee
To my murky home I flee,
To chilly walls and barren roots

I turn around chasing the illusion
I turn around to provoke you, to save a kiss at least…

In the filthy lantern light my chains flashed
My fetters tightened close with your flames approach

Today, tomorrow or yesterday I will be waiting here, flourishing
I’m here for further I can go no more
Here with the cross covered, with the burden captured I sleep
Sleep on a cold tomb, by the gods, people and dead metaphors

From the fear I flee to the fear
My crafty demon cut the umbilical cord
Through the world cemetery I flee
Through the people junk-yard I flee

Old skeletons, cold roots, I found the reflection
Empty lakes, I live on the bottom
It’s a dream so old, an eternal sound
Down the well lives the world
Through the glass you touch the years
Track Name: Funeral on the scafold of dreams

Billions of cut off heads lay beside you!
Billions of beings rot in your word!
Billions of requests cut off like a dream
Billions of conceived workers

The dark, lonely body covered with a sinister shroud is waiting.
Free from your presence, thoughts smoulder slowly…

In the chapel of my eye sockets I’m dipping a pen
And like in ink-bottle I’m dipping it in brain and urine
Writing my salvation starting with:
“God doesn’t exist in me!!!”
“The God inside me is dead!!!”

In frozen shape I'm dreaming of my free world
And the law torn out of my tendons and veins.
The colours of my persisting conceptions and
The choices which aren’t amongst you.
With the groan of depression I’m starting again

Billions of requests cut off like a dream
Billions of conceived workers
Billions of fangs sinking in your larynxes
Billions of furious bastards
Sinking in your mud
Fucking on the scaffold
Track Name: I'm Waiting for the Wind

Dull natural instincts
Desecrated human image
A pious patter of crusades
Had crushed ancient temples and cultures
Christianity above all
Their slashed and lame priests
Selection in the name of morbid religion
Hypocritical creators of society
With a cross on their breasts and a sword at their side
Your god is an antagonist!!!!

Prayers have died down inside my walls
The whisper of lust is stroking my hair
I overcome my fear and perceive the truth
Dignity and morality set my view dimension
I shut my heart from all the liars
With my consciousness on the insanity scales

Lost in the night paths
With an omni-thing I monitor the time
Cursing my naivety
I’m waiting for the wind
I’m moving slowly like darkness
Devouring my weakness precisely
My mind like a clay, I’m sculpting my face
I’m waiting for the wind

It’s so sweet to cry in dream
Blood is the only justice here
And only patience leads to the truth
And you, human, call yourself salvation

Everlasting laws are forgotten
An implacable god is silent
Lakes of tears and suffering shed in the name of his
Slaves of sin wither
The old and the ailing do penance in the streets

The worshippers of spiritual power
Dust conceals a common sense

Get up, awake your life
It’s time to define yourself.
It’s time to rise above humility