Transmigration of Consciousness




released July 18, 2011



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Track Name: 2 The demons breath
“The Demon’s Breath”

In desolate thoughts, yearnings search for the taste of the past.
In dark eye sockets and fearing.
On serious and intent face as the coffin of the ego.
In the split of second, when your nightmares are torturing imaginations.
In the hardened hug of the Demon, when the whip of unaware power seizes the force.

In the hermitage of the nothingness the tornado of sadness boils.
On secrets closed by faith, you break your nails.
In this despair the word of God locked you up.
You dream with unspecified thought and you are stuck in unknown vision.
Caught into the trap you cannot find your road

''Demon's seed” - “Demon’s Breath”

If you can levitate, then orbit gazed in yourself.
Tire the mind at the beginning of world and enter the abyss of your past.
Can you overcome your unknown fear?
Can you spit on demigods and to see your enslaved thoughts?
Touch this cold of the truth, curb the frenzy of the revenge.
Go up closer and draw the crypt of your destiny aside.
Feed your imagination and cut your humiliation up.
In remains of your ignorance the hurry is mass of pain
Terror speaks the torture and fear rules you.
Passing the growl of the tear, walk away into the meaning of nature of the Devil
Relight virtues on your grave and pinch remaining ash from you
now cast the spell and rise healed

The buried laughter sleeps with quietness of the graveyard, so enter
the voice of supporters in the dance is sowing the route
so grey here and charmingly, unknown voices whisper
and eyes of evening visions shine

“Raising Demon” - “Demon of the future”
Track Name: 4 Dazzling black
“Dazzling Black”

I am your darkness
I am your footpath to the bottom
I am your chaos
I am over your future

Attached to rock poured with glitter of the setting sun.
You are pondering on the tumult of minds dazed with dreams.
You are strengthening yourself in nothingness which fills you up and falls asleep. The green glow surrounds your vault of the jitters.
Hugs the heart of prudence and whispers to you, live!

Somewhere higher of your being I am cutting into your image like the fog
like black, stormy clouds I am catching up with your senses
And like a shadow I am over you, simulating the end of everything.

I am touching you with sneaky word and changing your hierarchy of truths.
I am touching you with sudden numbness and I am watching
how silently your hate grows.
I am touching you with sudden need and I am watching your vacillation
Catch my lines formed into pride and dance with the queen of Muses.
Catch my eyesight and keep searching.
I will give you the uncertainty amongst gardens of secrets
I will give you faith in your own power
And as far as the eye can see all is mine!
Track Name: 6 Identity with pesonification
“Identity with personification”

Keep whipping me, you scantily dressed creation.
Wake me up with the sepulchral groan
poison me with a thought unknown
you have pile of spells and you are the coating of my body
you have everything what I want, I am indelible now
a creaking rain dragged my frozen limbs
the swarm of sparks flowed, pricking me
sunk eyes creating the new model
the blood pressure is taking away my voice, so…

I am looking now at the scene of silence with eyes of the creature - oh I feel so wild
I would give a lot in order to touch, to curb your intentional dreams.
Now my power is like wings of the escape.
Still with my torment, love of lasting.
I am opening robes of the nothingness and I am setting my nostrils into one's animal nature
oh, I feel so wild…

Warm me, seduce me, feed my lewd eyes
one more time I am raising pearls’ evil. Yeah come on, I am longing
yeah do it and crawl, crawl and wriggle like a snake
I love to suffer from delight, you already know that
From a look at your body even a god would cry out of jealousy
I am dancing before you my Lady and I am inviting you to my large bed again.
I am building the palace for you, the empty throne of imagination.
I am bending before you
I am leaving yearnings, I am leaving the misanthropy, so...

look at my confusion, look at my desire.
I want you so give me us now
give me yourself and let us finish this heartless courtship effort

Let my wings of the knowledge become my power.
Let torment and impatience’s flame surrender
I am opening the robes of the infinity and smelting ornaments of the power

Keep whipping me, my scantily dressed Lady
wake me up again with voice from the spirit world.
You have spells on my tongue of truths.
You are a robe of my body of laws.
Endlessly I want you to last…
Oh I feel so good
Track Name: 12 Flames of tomorrow
“Flames of tomorrow”

I no longer exist, when I reborn in flames
I am covered by my own charm of life
With your will, processions of absolute power stand
Your knowledge with no weight unrestrained
When with entire effort I lift just the spark
from the bottom of my crumbled grains of blood, so …..
Raise me and point me

I no longer exist, disappeared in flames
You won't see me at the bottom, ‘cause I soar like a fire
And your pattern only is like a split for me
And only slow time cracks old rocks
And only chronic non-existence of esoteric love, so...
Set me free and free me!

I no longer exist, faded out in flames
and only your blow changes my composition
The sick won't touch me anymore, ‘cause I hurt like a truth
This precise time still cracks the rocks
This bloody stigmata is now strange to me, so...
Raise me and change me!
Destroy me and create me!
Track Name: 14 Raised irony
“Raised irony”

Land of excellence
Understanding without care
Paradise for the earthly life
Let's be blessed...

Oh, we belong to you, Lord
Oh, we are at your command
Oh, insatiable by our death,
Oh, insatiable by our incompetence

Let's be your eternity
Our souls necessity

Shell called the skull of worry
The mind as the power of destroying
Hermitage of the restraint for the timid
Unchecked desire for the bold
Existence full of contradictions
Crowds of exponents of one's sins
The huge ear of the god and his tied mouth
Slanderer sitting in the memory of defeats
Ego called the whim of the owner
Meaningless life in the eyes of torturer
You cut your bodies being afraid of a future
Suffering is balancing your poverty and meanness

Dressed in feathers of the nobility
Returning respect for the membership
Promises, dogma, prophets and stories
Everyone misses the leader of your unity
Track Name: 16 Four percent of hate
“Four percent of hate”

Show me these crowds who personify your sacred thought!
Show me that liberation which was supposed to come together with your death!

I see black clouds of the ignorance
I touch black flames of fear
I tear apart black chains of suffering
I don't fear this sacred taboo anymore
I no longer fear this ban
I won't let the fear to keep me in prison.

I am a blasphemer
I am proud of myself
I am a human
I am the anger of revenge
I am the Antichrist
I am proud of myself

I tore apart black clouds of ignorance
I put out black flames of fear
I tore apart black chains of suffering

I see crowds of corrupted saints
I see hypocrites talking about freedom
I see your wretched temples full of rotten sacraments

What hurts more, truth or lack of truth?!

Rise the light of one thought
Lift the flame of one word

Am I a blasphemer?